Live Stream Video!, Judge Change, Exhibitor Addtl Info

Watch ALL the action from the AKC 2014 National Agility Championship live – presented by 4 Legged Flix!

There will be a separate video feed for each of the 5 rings for ALL 4 days!
Check the 4 Legged Flix YouTube home page for links to each upcoming round/jump height! (Times are estimated).

Future links beyond those showing at present will appear as the weekend progresses.
All rounds, all jump heights, for all 4 days will be broadcasted over the internet for family and friends to view!!

Due to a familiy emergency, Diane Craig will not be able to judge at this year’s event. A revised Ring Schedule has been posted noting where judge changes have been made to the schedule. Of note, Howard Etzel will now judge Rounds 1, 2 and 3 of Nationals and Carla Boudrot will judge the Finals round. All changes have been noted with an astrick.

The BLUE link in your confirmation PDF for the Exhibitor Additional Information online web form will be turned off at 7am EST on Wednesday, March 26th.

Beginning at 2pm during exhibitor check-in, you may make updates to your titles, handler, and announcer’s bio while on-site in Harrisburg using the computer terminals provided over where Results are being posted. Updates may be made during the entire 4 days of the event. Results will be located in the walkway just outside the Equine Arena (rings 1-2-3) next to Ribbons and Awards.

Exhibitor badges will be provided during check-in. You must scan that badge to activate the button for updating your titles, handler, and bio.

All updates must be submitted prior to when your round/jump height start their timed walk-through.

RV sewer tank details

Walters Environmental Services is the only one of eleven companies that AKC contacted within the Harrisburg area who is willing to come perform the sewer tank dump service.

Their cost is $35, payable either by cash or credit card. No checks. That is their price; AKC receives no monies from this venture. Those interested may sign up and pay at the souvenirs table during Wednesday afternoon’s exhibitor check-in, all day Thursday and Friday until Noon.  Walters will perform the tank dumps on Friday between 2pm – 4pm.

You will be given a colored piece of paper signifying that you have signed up for the service.  Please insert the paper so it is visibly sticking out of the compartment door which contains your tank values. You do not need to be present at the motorhome.  If you do not wish to have the service perform unattended, you must be at your motorhome during the 2pm – 4pm timeframe on Friday.  The colored paper must still be visible from the outside as that is the only way Walters will know you have paid for the service!

At this time we are unable to find a company that will do the fresh water refills as health code concerns have been raised. We are looking into other options and will publish out information if it becomes available.

Vendors, Building Open, Course Maps


A Vendors Directory with an alphabetical listing, contact information, and short description of services has been posted online at:

A Vendors Map has also been posted. Vendors shall be located in the Exposition Hall.


The facility shall be open for exhibitors daily at the times listed below:

WEDNESDAY: 8:00 a.m. for stall move-in; 1:00 p.m. for crating move-in

THURSDAY: 5:00 a.m.

FRIDAY: 6:00 a.m.

SATURDAY: 6:00 a.m.

SUNDAY: 5:30 a.m.


Each day’s course maps shall be picked up ringside while checking in at the gate boards (not the Information Table as previously announced).

THURSDAY: 6:00 a.m.

FRIDAY: 6:30 a.m.

SATURDAY: 6:30 a.m.

SUNDAY: 6:00 a.m.

Golf Carts, Mobility Scooters, Exhibitor Check-In Reminder


AKC will not be providing golf cart rentals. The Harrisburg facility does not allow carts inside their buildings or hallways. IF you are bringing/renting a golf cart on your own, it may be used outside between the parking/RV lots and the building entrances. Please attach a note with your name and cellular telephone number to the cart so facility and parking management may contact you if needed.  Please use common sense in where you park the cart outside the buildings – don’t block entrances, no red zones, etc.


The Harrisburg facility is ADA-compliant. There is a row of handicap parking along the entrance to the Exposition Hall. There is an indoor, inner hallway within the facility that takes you from Expo Hall (crating) past the entrances to Equine Arena (rings 1-2-3), Equine Barn (stalls), and then Large Arena (rings 4-5) at ground level. If you want to access spectator seating for Equine Arena and Large Arena on the 2nd level there is an elevator in the Main Lobby.  ADA-approved mobility scooters are allowed anywhere within the facility.

AKC has located a local company which rents mobility scooters.

Keystone Mobility


$35 per day

$150 for a week

$25 for pick up/dropoff (one fee)

They are delivered to the Security Office in Main Lobby at Farm Show/Expo Complex



2:00p.m. – 5:00p.m. (Signage will be located in the Expo for crating and Equine Barn for stalls with the location for Wednesday afternoon’s check-in.)  It will be obvious – just follow the crowd :)


Rings 1 & 2 will pick up your bibs and exhibitor badges ringside starting at 6:30am, following the briefing in Equine Arena, prior to the start of walk-thrus Rings 4 & 5 will pick up your bibs and exhibitor badges ringside starting at 7:30am, following the separate briefing in Large Arena, prior to the start of walk-thrus

** The remainder of your welcome packet items, catalog, and souvenirs will be picked up in a separate, central  location, announced during Thursday morning’s briefings.

** There will be two, separate briefings held Thursday am – one in Equine Arena, the other in Large Arena.


Starting at 6:30a.m. at the Information Table located in Expo Hall.

ANYONE MAY PICK UP AN EXHIBITOR’S CHECK-IN PACKAGE. Please make sure you (or your representative) have your dog’s armband # during check-in!!

Exhibitor Tee-Shirts will be distributed during Wed/Thurs/Fri check-in to those who provided a size prior to the deadline. If your confirmation PDF states “Not Provided” for tee-shirt size, then you may pick up a tee-shirt on Saturday. The times/location will be announced during Saturday morning’s briefing.

RVs: Sewer tank pumping, Fresh water tank refills

AKC has found a local vendor who is able to come on-site in Harrisburg during our AKC Companion Events Extravaganza weekend to perform sewer tank pumping and/or fresh water tank refills.

We need to collect a count of those interested in these services.  The date and prices are yet to be determined, based on how much interest there is in these services.

IF you are interested in either/both services, please reply back to this email and let me know:

a)      The name on your RV Reservation form

b)      Whether you are interested in the sewer tank pumping service

c)       Whether you are interested in the fresh water tank refill service

I need to have all responses sent back by no later than Wednesday, March 19th.  After that date, we will finalize a price from the vendor for each service and a date for the services.

You are not obligated to have either service performed by replying to this email – we are just collecting a count of those interested!

Once the services are confirmed, I will send a second email with pricing and more information. The Information Table in the Exposition Hall will also have information on these services. Sign up for these services will be done on-site while in Harrisburg; you will not need to pay in advance of arriving on-site.


There will be a day of show crating space section available surrounding the entrance to Large Arena. Exhibitors may setup a crate (no ex-pens) in this space on the day(s) their dog is being shown in the Large Arena. All crates must be removed by the end of each trial day.

Video, Ring Sched, R/O, Parking, RVs, Crating/Stall Group Lists

AKC’s Nationals web page:

4 Legged Flix has been announced as the official videographer for AKC’s 2014 National Agility Championship.
Their promotional offer has been posted to AKC’s Nationals web page (link above).

Updated copies of the Ring Schedules and Running Order reports have been posted to AKC’s Nationals web page (link above).

Updates include:
* Howard Etzel will be the 20-inch preferred judge for Thursday’s T2B and Round 1-JWW runs, previously listed as T/B/D.
* Sunday afternoon’s Challengers and Finals will be held in the LARGE Arena, previously listed in the Equine Arena.

All vehicles parking in Day of Show (including RVs parking in day of show) $8 per day – RVs in Overnight Parking does NOT pay this fee
No overnight in day of show parking
This is a daily pass, so it does include in & out privileges during the date on the pass

No fee to park on move-in day, Wednesday, March 26, 2014
No multiple day passes or pre-purchase available
No day of show reserved or preferred parking

Handicap parking is available along the front of Expo’s east side

The facility has confirmed they have 232 RV Electric Hook-Ups, a mixture of 20amp and 30amp. As we have noted before – they are located on poles in the parking lot. Make sure you bring a good amount of extension cord – at least 100 feet. For those of you in the NE if you know anyone who attends the Harrisburg Kennel Club show – Blue/Grey Cluster in April (2 weeks after us) our RV parking will be exactly the same way they handle it. We are using the exact same Parking Crew for RVs that HKC has used for 15 years. Experienced dog people. We will be having a pumper truck come through once during the event that you will be able to sign-up for on site. Do not have that cost yet. On-site fresh water refills being looked into. More info when final information is sent out in mid-March.

The deadline for submitting both crating and stall group lists is next Friday, February 14th. Crating Group Coordinators and Stall Owners will be sent emails after that date confirming which handlers/dogs are in their group.

No changes to a crating group shall be accepted after this deadline date.

Exhibitor Tee-Shirts, Multiple Dogs, Same Handler

Republished from the emailed 1/29/14 Confirmation PDF

Exhibitors who have not provided a tee-shirt size by the required deadline of Friday, January 31st will wait until Saturday before picking up their exhibitor tee-shirt. This will allow those who did submit their sizes on a timely basis the opportunity to pick up shirts before those who did not submit a size.

MULTIPLE DOGS, SAME HANDLER: You may walk with any walk-thru groups within your jump height and should also plan to use the general walk-thru first thing each morning. I have most likely moved one or more of your dog’s runs – use the Running Order #s to locate your runs.

Stall Rental Contracts coming due, Facility Map updated, Summary Ring Schedules by Day


A quick FYI that Stall Rental Contracts are due by Monday, January 27th at 11:00 am Pacific. All stall rental contracts received by 2pm today (1/21/14) have been acknowledged with a confirmation email. IF you believe to have sent in a contract and have not received a confirmation email, notify Steve H at

NOTE: If you are sending your Stall Rental Contract by US postal mail, I will send out email confirmations for all contracts received on Wednesday, 1/22/14 by tomorrow night. After that time, I will be traveling until Sunday, 1/26, hence all remaining contracts received between Thursday, 1/23/14 and Monday, 1/27/14 will be acknowledged on Monday am, January 27th prior to the lottery draw. All emailed and faxed contracts will continue to be acknowledged within 24-36 hours.

It is the exhibitor’s sole responsibility to assure their contract has been delivered prior to the 1/27/14 @ 11am Pacific deadline. If you don’t wish to wait until Monday am to receive an acknowledgement on your US postal mailed contract, use either the fax or email delivery methods. Yes, if you have already sent a contract by US postal that has not been acknowleged, it is ok to send a duplicate by fax or email.

ALL exhibitors who have sent in a Stall Rental Contract will be notified by email following the draw whether or not their contract was selected. Please be aware that you have signed a contract agreeing to the terms stated, include item #10. There will be no refunds after the lottery draw. All contracts drawn will become stall owners with their payments being deposited and credit cards charged. The contracts/credit card #s and checks of those not selected during the lottery draw will be shredded.
Carrie has updated the posted Facility Map with additonal details:
The ring schedules have been completed and armband #s have been assigned.
2/3rds of the exhibitors are showing multiple dogs, so it is taking considerable time to resolve the multiple dogs, same handler conflicts. Until that is completed, I can not post the ring schedule nor send out the exhibitor’s arm#s/run order #s.
I will have this completed next week.

In summary, the Ring Schedule by Day is as follows:

20s – T2B will start at 7am, followed by JWW starting at 9:30am. Each group of 60 will first walk T2B, then run T2B, then walk JWW, then run JWW.
4 & 8s – T2B will start at 7am
12 & 16s – T2B will start at 8am
24 & 26s – T2B will start at approximately 12 noon

20s – STD
All other Jump Heights – JWW (Friday’s JWW course shall be designed by the same judge, however different from Thursday’s 20-in JWW course)
All jump heights starting at 7:30am

20s – Hybrid
All other Jump Heights – STD (same judge/designer, different course from Friday’s 20-in STD course)
All jump heights starting at 7:30am

All jump heights except 20s – Hybrid (same judge/designer, different course from Saturday’s 20-in Hybrid course)
All jump heights starting at 7:00am

Challengers and Finals will run Sunday afternoon as in previous years.

Crating Group form & Competition Start Date


The Crating Group form has been posted to AKC’s Nationals web site at:

IF you are trying for a stall, please do not submit this form until after the 1/27/14 lottery draw date.

Please do not rush to submit this form until you know for an absolute fact that it is both accurate and complete. The deadline for submitting the Crating Group form is Friday, February 14, 2014.


In order to accommodate an anticipated record number of entries in Harrisburg, PA, the AKC 2014 National Agility Championship competition announced back in December 2013 that we may need to begin judging on Thursday, March 27, 2014. Having closed on January 8, 2014, now having a final entry count of 1640 entrants, this is indeed the case for all jump heights.

The Harrisburg site has a maximum capacity of 5 rings on dirt. As such, this limits our ability to schedule on the critical day of Sunday morning, when Round 3-Hybrid must be completed by 1pm in order to then hold Challengers and Finals during Sunday afternoon. In the case of our 20-inch jump height class, which has 479 entrants, it is impossible to schedule that jump height into one ring on Sunday morning!

ALL jump heights shall begin running their Time 2 Beat class on Thursday, March 27th.

The 20-inch jump height shall also begin running their Round 1 – JWW class on Thursday morning, March 27th, 2 1/2 hours after T2B commences. On this day, there will be numerous walk/run groups, thus allowing for all 20-inch exhibitors to first walk their T2B course, run T2B, walk JWW, then run JWW. The 20-inch jump height will run a different JWW course on Thursday than the rest of the heights will run on Friday. The JWW courses will be designed by the same judge.

A detailed Ring Schedule shalll be published next week once armband assignments and running orders are finalized.

We are publishing this start date announcement ahead of the Ring Schedule being finalized so that exhibitors have optimal time to finalize their travel plans.


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